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UniServEnt is an initiative stemming from self employment of over 40 years in the design, construction, and risk management fields, DBA Unified Services Enterprise. With an interest in STEM subjects and schooled in Economics, after graduation I worked in the engineering and building business before shifting to independent catastrophe insurance claims work in the early ’90s. Claims adjusting is episodic and leaves time for pursuing other interests, including a knowledge of technology and its application to matters of private enterprise and public policy, within the context of achieving a better understanding and advancement of the human condition, which from my perspective is impossible without becoming aware that we are immortal human Souls.; human, from a word meaning spirit, hu, and the Sanskrit word for mind, manas.

These pursuits, within the company of my wife, family, and associates at work and play, all of whom are friends, make me happy. I hope you find something of interest in these pages that makes you happy, too. If so, I hope you will join us in this initiative for more abundant Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of that Happiness.

Purchase of this membership grants access to the designated restricted areas of this site for one year and will renew automatically until canceled by the member. It is offered to encourage dialogue and the extension of the UniServEnt initiative among members who envision the unity of faith and science in an all inclusive human community, according to the UniServEnt mission statement.

This membership is intended to include all access and involvement of all other membership categories of the UniServEnt mission, perhaps as an armchair perspective, unlike the Risk & Opportunity membership which is envisioned and intended as a call for active involvement and initiative primarily in the private sectors and the recent and evolving Paros Commune of 2021 membership but which is envisioned and intended as a call for action in the public sectors, both with the same access as UniServEnt.