Physical Phenomena have the Appearance of distinct, interacting forms against an otherwise unrecognized background of space over time.
The expanding cosmic wave-bearing continuum creates all the phenomenal activity within it, by concentrating stress in local discrete rotational oscillations of rest mass that then interact to form the atomic, molecular and larger composite structures we observe.

I have spent most of my life in North Carolina, which has the motto fitting our topic here,

“Esse quam videri” – To Be rather than to Seem.

In terms of the topic of Appearance and the category of Physical Phenomena, this axiomatic logic, in which the knowledgeable particulars of investigation are only to be found in the inherent properties of the whole, can be applied to the current state of the scientific study of physical phenomena with respect to theoretical fundamental physics. In the wake of the experimental, knowledge based successes of nano-technology that came with the initial wave-particle understanding of quantum mechanics almost one hundred years ago, the subsequent investigations of particle physics have resulted in the death spiral of understanding of physical theory which is CERN and that has left the authorities of the canon at a loss; with an inability to unite the standard model of particles with the tenets of general relativity through a faithful understanding of quantum gravity in a unified physical field theory.

Based on an investigation of this conundrum, I will address the matter herein to show that the emergence and activity of observed discrete components of physical phenomena can be modeled as a function of the related observation of cosmic expansion. This investigation suggests a solution for the current state of condensed matter experimentation in cold fusion, which offers hope for addressing global problems such as climate change and ecological disruption by offering a long term application for human energy needs going into the distant future. Therefore, we will try to . . .

Understand the Appearance of physical diversity in the midst of hidden potential through pursuit of a common purpose.


What is the difference between existence and Appearance?

None. Everything that we experience appears to exist, whether it is ‘real’ or an hallucination. Understanding is the process of determining what causes that appearance, to the satisfaction of the participant observer.