What is the significance UniServEnt Logo?

The stylized U shown here as a royal blue broken circle represents the extended boundary of a field, be it physical, such as a cosmic spacetime, or otherwise conceptualized as the extent of some other quality, physical or metaphysical. Such field can be envisioned as proceeding from and returning to the small circle at the top which represents both the source and sink of the extended field. As a broken circle, the extended field essentially lacks the perfection and completeness represented by and found only in the Platonic form of a completed circle as in the smaller circle, a crown representative of any creative process which is source/sink and the essence of the whole. As such and as a human representation, this crown stands for the individual soul or atman of Vedanta resident with the human body represented by the larger broken circle. The crown is at the same time a symbol of Brahman or purusha, intuitive consciousness, to the mental-physical counterpart of prakriti as the larger figure, and on a cosmic level of Parabrahman, supreme consciousness, to the undifferentiated root substance of Mulaprakriti.

It is the top half of the symbol used for the planet and Greek god Hades, latinized as Pluto, which is the symbol on the right when surmounted on a cross. In the Greek pantheon, Hades rules the the underworld where his wife Persephone is held from the harvest of the year before re-emerging each spring. The cross represents the period of death from harvest to rebirth in the spring, and by analogy in some systems, the crucifixion in Christianity, so that the symbol here represents rebirth and in Christianity, the resurrection.

This logo is superimposed on a multi colored lined figure which traces out the idealized paths of six orthonormal points on a unit sphere as they oscillate and rotate in response to the expansion stress of the cosmos. It has the effect of a wheel turning upon itself–spinning on its vertical axis at the same rotational velocity as the wheel rotates on its horizontally oriented hub, so that co-ordinate entanglement is avoided. This rotational oscillation generates particle mass, quantum gravity and spin, magnetic moment, and with beta decay, electro-magnetism as developed as a model of particle generation and depicted herein.

Taken together, both the larger blue circle representing spacetime and the multicolored traces of rotational oscillation representing quanta emerge from the undifferentiated living source of all that is, beyond space and time, the sink to which all will return at the end of a creative epoch.

What is the meaning of the UniServEnt slogan?

The slogan of the United States is the Latin ‘E pluribus unum’, variously translated as ‘out of many, one’ or ‘from many, one’ indicating the uniting of the many prior colonies turned states into the one national, federal government.

Here the slogan is ‘pluribus, unum’ or ‘among many, one’ indicating the intention of UniServEnt to be another voice of reason and understanding among the many similar voices .