The original Abakosti site was created on an earlier version of WordPress and is in the process of being upgraded. The embedded links to the tutorials on this page are included here to give the viewer an idea of the functionality as created in FileMaker Pro version 12 and employs a Craftsman database subscription, an industry standard. Current technology is at FileMaker 18 or 19, so would warrant the time and expense of a significant upgrade for enhanced state of the art mobile, cloud deployment. With sufficient interest and funding, we can make this technology our own, designed, owned, and operated by independent insurance claims professionals to our specifications.

Abakosti 1 Initial Setup

Abakosti 2 Defaults & Settings

Abakosti 3 File Manager & Loss Notice

Abakosti 4 File Manager Detail

Abakosti 5 Reporter – Risk & Photos

Abakosti 6 Reporter – Estimate Section Creation

Abakosti 7 Reporter – Estimate Quantity Takeoff

Abakosti 8 Reporter – Estimate Item Entry

Abakosti 9 Reporter – Estimate Template Entry

Abakosti 10 Reporter – Estimate Find and Sort

Abakosti 11 Reporter – Estimate Add Item to Price List

Abakosti 12 Reporter – Price List

Abakosti 13 Reporter – Price List ZIP Code Modifier

Abakosti 14 Reporter – Price Factors

Abakosti 15 Reporter – SOL & POL

Abakosti 16 Reporter – Reports & Letters

Abakosti 17 Reporter – NFIP Forms

Abakosti 18 Reporter – Printing