Modeling Logic
A Critique of Neoliberal Economics Parts I & II

Capital as Power in Ergodic Economic Modeling — This essay is a quantitative, weighted ergodic analysis of the effects of hierarchical position and focused rationality on national household stocks & flows as registered in US Federal Reserve 4Q 1989 & 4Q 2019 Household Income and Net Worth Data with regard to the utopian prognostications of neoliberalism.

Capital as Money, Focused Rationality, & Hierarchical Position — This essay is a qualitative analysis of Capital as Power in Ergodic Modeling in terms of three naive assumptions of neoliberalism stated herein as the private sector notions of Money as Omnipotence, Decision Making as Omniscience, and Freedom as Omnipresence, through a dialectical lens on the philosophical work of Marx, Plato, and Christ.