Initiatives listed in this section follow the thematic topics of the UniServEnt site and are subject to revision and development based on viewer interest and indicated participation. They are grouped according to my economist view into the four classifications of proper entitlement – or entitled property as some might prefer – as public, private, common, and club, where these latter two categories would include the concept of corporate structure that can be most beneficial, but which can lead, if misunderstood, to much mischief and confusion.

These classifications are defined first by socially constructed entitlement to excludibility from access to the use of natural resources and produced goods and services and second by natural competition/rivalry among those with access over the use of those natural resources and produced goods and services, any of which might be for either final consumption or intermediate consumption and holdings, i.e. as capital. Thus we have legally excludable access to property that may or may not be subject to natural competition for its private or club use and legally non-excludable access to property that may or may not be subject to similar natural competition for common or public use.

This leaves several grey areas at the classification boundaries that constitute moral hazards of both a legal and natural type, with the greatest such type being in the ill defined Chaotic Moral Hazard at the interstices of the four classes of property rights. This gives the following matrix, where it must be noted that the sizes and adjacencies of the cells are easily misinterpreted, as all of these classification need a basic level of initiative and funding by legal means due to natural constraints. We will try to expand on these distinctions on this site going forward in the discussion of Ergodidiocy and Truth.

Entitlement-UseAccess to ResourcesLimited by LawMH by LawUnlimited by Law
Use of ResourcesReal & Intangible PropertyExcludableLegal StrifeNon-excludable
Limited by NatureRivalrousPrivate (Pr)Pr-Co LMHCommon (Co)
MH by NatureNatural StrifePr-Cl NMHChaotic MHPu-Co NMH
Unlimited by NatureNon-rivalrousClub (Cl)Pu-Cl LMHPublic (Pu)
MH = Moral Hazard – the risk that a person or group will infringe on the legal (L) or natural (N) rights and entitlements of others in cases where legal and natural boundaries are not readily recognized, understood, and maintained.

The funding goal amounts shown on this website are stated to give a reasonable idea of the levels required for any of these or an equivalent initiative on the part of a similarly motivated party or parties, private or public, to succeed. They are pre-prospectus and do not constitute a public offering of any type. People with pockets—deep or just the coin type in your jeans—are free to judge for themselves the authenticity of this site and the wisdom of the ends to which any contributions here or elsewhere might be made.



Club Initiative

Call to action for those interested in updating and deploying the Abakosti Independent Insurance Adjusting Software for the Claims Professional.
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Jelly Beans

Fun Initiative

Call to action for producing and staging

            Jelly Beans

    a Musical Love Story

a day in the life of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. (I was told by an expert? that this had no place in New York City, for political reasons. Maybe, maybe not.)

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I.8.5 +V Inititative

Commons Initiative

Call to action for creation of a centrist political initiative based on a recognition of the central importance of technology and the electronic monetary system in maintaining a balance between private and public, club and common affairs in our lives.
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PdD to He Initiative

Club Initiative

Call to action for vetting of the model of quantum generation from cosmic expansion presented in this UniServEnt site as clarification of the palladium deuteride to helium path to cold fusion technology.
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The Browser Economy

Public Initiative

Call to action for public discussion of the importance of the maintenance of public and human capital in a market economy and the significance of the optimization ratio of intermediate to final goods production.
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Three Known Truths

Private Initiative

Call to action for buying this book or otherwise helping me finance its completion and giving it a read. Cheers to everyone who helps out.
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