The Browser Economy

Most texts on economic thinking start with the concept of a hunting and gathering society as the most fundamental stage of economic development. This presupposes the acquisition of basic tools and organizational structures for use as rudimentary real capital. The browser economy posits an allegorical society in which all production is by nature and all consumption is an immediate and final use of that naturally occurring resource. This is prior to the accumulation of capital, since capital as tools, apart from any natural resource, consists of products that have utility yet to be exhausted or completely consumed. What does exist as capital at the stage of the browser economy is learned human skill as a physical/mental ability and the necessary basis of all capital.

In keeping with the working title of the Work in Progress on this site, we will develop this axiomatic thought into a model of economic production and growth along with the necessary monetary implications, in which produced technology will be seen increasingly as an anthropogenic while at the same time natural resource functioning in some regards in the manner of a browser economy.

The Browser Economy Executive Summary

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