Through the development of group affiliation and initiative . . .

To foster understanding that Life itself is the source of all existence from which all physical and metaphysical phenomena proceed; that all such phenomena evolve with purpose, and not from forces of an insentient nature. This involves an inquiry into Essential Principles of logic of an ecumenical nature which transcends the conventional secular and theological dichotomy.

To further inquiry into the fundamental connections behind the Appearance of complex natural and anthropogenic systems by collaborative means with the intent of understanding the human implications of such analysis. This involves an inquiry into Physical Phenomena through quantitative logic which unifies the heretofore conventional spacetime-field and quantum-particle duality currently hindering progress in scientific understanding in the physical sciences.

To culture development of the Quality of innovative technology and management systems for the enhancement of the general welfare of humankind and its sustaining environment through the implementation of enlightened private and readily amendable public policy. This involves an inquiry into Political Economy to distinguish the values truly motivating social change from the traditionally held fiscal and monetary values grounded in a contentious, partisan public versus private narrative.

To respond appropriately to ongoing Change in terms of these three threads of understanding, inquiry, and development. This involves an immediacy of attention into Risk & Opportunity as it evolves in order to avoid complacency in the face of change going forward.