This section contains documentation of my interest in the topics listed here and reflected in the general topics under the Understanding menu in addition to creative material from my earlier interests in music and writing.

Essential Principles is in the ongoing process of general development in this website. It is reflected in the work in progress as indicated in Three Known Truths and under the Initiatives section. All essential principles are an expression of a necessary Logic, which to my thinking is a type of neutral Monism. This means that all finite phenomena definable in any field of observation and initiative endeavor—meaning capable of objective alteration by the control of a subjective capacity understood to be a component in and of the field—of short or long duration, is understood to be an expression of a source of such observation and initiative that is inherently capable of the necessary emergence of such observation and initiative, while the source itself remains inseparable and beyond definition.

Physical Phenomena are understood on the basis of the developed model of rest mass particles – in general parlance as particles of matter – as a phenomena including 1/2 spin and quantum gravity that emerges due to apparent isotropic expansion of the spatial wave bearing continuum on a cosmic scale as oscillating torsional strain resulting from concentration of stresses, principally of the wave nodes, anti-nodes and points of maximum wave power, at the femtometer scale. These concentrations of stress form the basis of the current quark formalism of quantum field theory and the standard model of particle physics. All fundamental particles capable of secondary interactions that combine in nuclear, atomic and molecular form result from the generation of this initial rotational oscillation. This video demonstrates this effect starting from an initial torsional distortion as the yellow vector displaces to the horizontal plane of the blue coordinates and begins to rotate about the blue axial vector as the initial strain tries to recoil.

Political Economy development centers on the fact that free market exchange of labor valued goods and services trends toward the commoditization of labor for all over-abundant skill sets, precluding pricing to accommodate necessary human and real capital long term replenishment. An optimization factor for the mix of capital replenishment to consumption spending based on the well known golden ratio, 0.6180…, as a measure of sustainable growth is developed with monetary and fiscal policy implications.

Risk & Opportunity reflects the some of the conclusions offered by analysis of the first three topics, and in particular as under the Initiatives section the I.8.5 +V and PdD to He Initiatives.

Jelly Beans is a musical love story of a day in the life of Ronald and Nancy Reagan which I wrote in 1982, but never produced. It is still waiting for the right entrepreneur. The book and rough cut demo songs are included for fun and profit.

Other Projects in the works or in limbo.