Risk & Opportunity Access

$100.00 / year

This membership grants access to the site for all review of information, and download of documents, including the app and spreadsheet downloads of the Political Economy membership, for extended interaction and initiative, with an intended focus on private sector involvement.


This membership is to respond appropriately to ongoing Change in terms of these three threads of understanding, inquiry, and development. This involves an immediacy of attention into Risk & Opportunity as it evolves in order to avoid complacency in the face of change going forward.

This is essentially a self-generating forum for entrepreneurial initiatives, starting with my experience in the design, construction, real estate, database design, and insurance adjusting businesses, but is open to anyone who believe there is an opportunity for synergy.

Purchase of this membership grants access to the designated restricted areas of this site for one year and will renew automatically until canceled by the member. It is offered to encourage dialogue and the extension of the UniServEnt initiative among members who envision the unity of faith and science, organized or not, in an all inclusive human community, according to the UniServEnt mission statement.

This membership is intended to include all access and involvement of all other membership categories of the UniServEnt membership, which is envisioned and intended as a focus on active involvement and initiative primarily in the private sectors as distinct from the evolving Paros Commune of 2021 membership as a call for action in the public sectors.


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