The Paros Commune of 2021

$100.00 / year

This membership grants access to the site for all review of information, and download of documents, including app and spreadsheet of the Political Economy membership, extended interaction and initiative, with an intended integration of an  entrepreneurial private sector, enlightened public policy, and good clean fun.


On a journey from the moral example and wisdom of Jesus Christ, to the reliance on verification of physical phenomena of Francis Bacon, to the material understanding of historical social progress of Karl Marx, to the comprehension of subliminal motivation and synchronicity of Jung, to the incomparable metaphysical insights of Krishna Prem in his exegesis of the Bhagavad Gita, to the dialectical incisiveness of Plato’s Socrates—the absurd monism of my own experienced synthesis in a vision of Ergodidiocy & Truth, following from a technical understanding of the fundamental principles of Life as stated on the UniServEnt site, and culminating with resurrecting my writing of The Paros Commune of 1971 as lived and experienced half a century ago—all this now brings a new perspective on Life and the Human condition. From the aspirations for a better, fairer world germinated in the Communards of Paris in 1871, to their dispersion across the world in the waning of the Vietnam War and waxing of the civil rights movement in the U.S. as to our small group on the island of Paros, in 1971 more or less, to the ripening of objective material conditions and their subjective ideal contradictions with the disintermediation of commoditized labor by global capital, in the wake of Covid and the confrontation of the systemic reaction, perhaps it is time for a return to Greece with a new look at the proverbial Republic of Plato and the rule of Justice under the guidance of the philosopher kings and guardians of Kallipolis, the enlightened city-state; for a resurrection of the Paros Commune of 2021, in the human heart, throughout the world, for understanding, in Ergodidiocy and in Truth.

Purchase of this membership grants access to the designated restricted areas of this site for one year and will renew automatically until canceled by the member. It is offered to encourage dialogue and the extension of the UniServEnt initiative among members who envision the unity of spiritual understanding and science, organized or not, in an all inclusive human community, according to the UniServEnt mission statement with the added caveat and intended street cred of Ergodidiocy.

This membership is intended to include all access and involvement of all other membership categories of the UniServEnt membership and the Risk & Opportunity membership, with perhaps some developing exceptions specific to this last category, with a focus on active involvement and initiative primarily in the private sectors. It is envisioned and intended as a call for action in the public sectors, with involvement in those private initiatives founded on the notion of public responsibility rather than market position profits.


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