The Paros Commune of 1971


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Martin Gibson, June 17, 1973

A Life, Liberty & Pursuit of the Spirit of Truth amid the Happiness of Rock & Roll, Drugs, and Sex, while Attempting an Escape from the Ignorance of War & the Bigotry of Fear, written well before 2021 & Beyond, just after the epiphany of the Turku ferry & before 50 years of Imagings of Soul and Community on the work of Marx, Plato, Christ, & others, in this Jubilee as reflected in 1973 by, nosbiG nitraM, who along with our good friend, J.C., had foretohere gotten some things backwards.


The Paros Commune of 1971: Imagings of Soul and Community

The first part of this book was written and left unpublished before the majority of human beings on this planet were inhabiting their current bodies. I was heavily influenced by the writing of Richard Brautigan at the time, whom I very much enjoyed reading. But then I had heard that he committed suicide shortly after his commercial success, so I decided not to pursue a creative writing career at that time.

I wrote this in 1973, more or less as my friends and I experienced it in Greece, on the island of Paros, in the Aegean, somewhere on the great circle of history running through the Sorbonne from Europe to the US and back again, charted sometime between March of 1871 and now, during which time we all got together in a ski cottage in Vermont and read the work. Then I put it on a shelf, unpublished. So I am still alive.

In the middle of the insanity of Covid while working on this website, I dusted off the Paros manuscript, reflected on my fifty years since then, and added some thoughts on the nature of Soul and Community.

Now that I’m getting some age on and am less concerned about death—or its consequences—I though about offering it to a mass audience. But then I was also thinking about serializing it as weekly offerings. That way commercial success won’t come too soon—maybe in two years—well, maybe there should be daily offerings. There are very many, very short chapters, maybe over a 100, and there is not nearly as much time left as when I wrote this in 1973—well, except for eternity, and there’s plenty of that. Okay, forget about the serial. Just one big dump. The Paros Commune of 1971. Buy it and leave me a message, maybe.

Thanks a lot, Richard, for setting such a fine example.