PP08Q The Quantum Metric


The Quantum Metric

Martin Gibson, October 31, 2007

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This analysis provides a physical, i.e. geometric, as well as mathematical, model of quantization, by way of a fundamental discrete oscillation/rotation, of a classical spacetime continuum that is a function of the exponential expansion of that spacetime. Quantum gravity arises naturally as the differential of that oscillatory transverse wave force with respect to expansion stress and the strong interaction as the operation of that wave force between two or more quanta within a shared force domain. This quantum state is expressed as a modification of a chargeless extreme Kerr metric with an oscillation of the φ coordinates imposed by continuity conditions which prevent coordinate entanglement. It thereby constitutes a physical spinor, constituting the quantum magnetic field and the property of ½ spin and isospin in the presence of other quanta. The ergosphere of this quantum metric is the domain of the strong interaction. Finally, it shows that from a universal bookkeeper reference frame, the fundamental quantum scale is the neutron scale, for which the Planck scale is the current differential.