Physical Phenomena Access

$50.00 / year

This membership grants access to the site for review in a pdf viewer and download of documents. The same documents are accessible to review in flip book form without a membership subscription, but they are not downloadable from a flip book viewer. This membership grants that downloadability, and the downloaded files should be shareable, but they are not, at this time, designed to be printable or capable of copy to clipboard. Membership accessed pdf viewer pages offer shopping links to printable copies of the individual documents to extend this capability.


This membership is to further inquiry into the fundamental connections behind the Appearance of complex natural and anthropogenic systems by collaborative means with the intent of understanding the human implications of such analysis. This involves an inquiry into Physical Phenomena through quantitative logic which unifies the heretofore conventional spacetime-field and quantum-particle duality currently hindering progress in scientific understanding in the physical sciences.

Purchase of this membership grants access to the designated restricted areas of this site for one year and will renew automatically until canceled by the member. It is offered to encourage dialogue and initiative among members according to the UniServEnt mission statement.

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