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Access to this site is essentially a public outreach consisting of intellectual property generated by Martin Gibson dba UniServEnt and—of more recent vintage with a tip of the boot to Vermin Supreme and their ilk—its subsidiary Ergod1=ergodidiot dla (doing life as) Ergodidiocy, which in a perfect would would remain free to one and all.

Operational and developmental costs of this and any of the initiatives featured on this site, therefore, require a source of funding, which in this case means by either advertising, donations, or subscription. Being currently self-unemployed, I prefer subscription in the absence of an ability to tightly monitor advertising or of donor largesse. Subscriptions are featured at present on ‘>Down-Menu’ items from this page as recurring annual memberships granting access to various topics on this site as indicated in the access trees below. These may be managed after subscribing for either automatic or manual renewal.

Site access is intended to offer free online viewership to most of the UniServEnt content, much in the form of flip book pdf presentation which is not at this time downloadable for offline viewing. Various memberships provide access to the same content in conventional pdf viewer form, along with downloadable interactive content in some cases, for closer review by the reader. Such membership downloads are intended for individual use; the reader can still send links to the free flip book access of the same content. For further dissemination of printable pdf content, access to membership-only products as downloads of the same material in printable form will be provided at the product price, with the intention of limited printing for outreach or pedagogical purposes.

Subscription memberships are available for the topic categories indicated in the access tree. As this site evolves, it may come to include limited access to the category blogs and subsequent discussion, including any suggested initiatives, according to the categories. This framework is not intended to be exclusionary, rather it is to provide disciplinary focus if the reader so desires, within a subject matter that is inherently inclusive.

In addition to the virtual products offered on this site, it is my intention to offer a few physical items of a branded nature in the future.

The access tree, generally related to the website, is:

  • UniServEnt — Membership requires a subscription, and is intended to include access to the entire site, minus any admin features, and specifically to include the first three Projects> Down-Menu items and their contents which are:
    • Essential Principles — Membership is free with registration. Access is free, with or without registration, to those items Projects>Essential Principles> Down-Menu plus related material.
      • What is Monism?
      • Ergodidiocy and the Nature of Modeling Human Experience
      • Writing>Other Projects>Music> link to ‘Jelly Beans–A Musical Love Story’ about the Reagan first family
      • Writing>Other Projects>Music> link to ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ with additional lyrics
    • Physical Phenomena — Free flip book access is provided to the items listed below in the Projects>Physical Phenomena> Down-Menu. Membership requires a subscription for the adjacent menu items to access the pdf viewer documents online. It also provides access to a link at the bottom of each viewer for purchase of file download and direct use as printable products on a non-resale basis for dissemination as outreach and for educational purposes.
      • PP01 Condensed Matter Model of Particles
      • PP02 Unification
      • PP03 SHM in Classical & Quantum Phase Space
      • PP04 Rest Mass from Expansion Stress
      • PP05 Natural Scaling of Physical Phenomena
      • PP06 Analysis of the Fine Structure Constant
      • PP07 Beta Decay & Quantum Gravity
      • PP08 4 Wave Foundation Version 2
      • PP08Q The Quantum Metric
      • PP08X A System of Natural Logarithms
      • PP09 Natural Numbers from a Real Field
    • Political Economy — Free flip book access is provided to those items Projects>Political Economy> Down-Menu. Membership requires a subscription for the adjacent menu items to access the pdf viewer documents online. It also provides access to a link at the bottom of each viewer for purchase of file download and direct use as printable products on a non-resale basis for dissemination as outreach and for educational purposes and further access for download of the interactive products indicated by *.
      • The Browser Economy
      • A Critique of Neoliberal Economics Part I – Quantitative Analysis -:- Capital as Power in Ergodic Economic Modeling
      • A Critique of Neoliberal Economics Part II – Qualitative Analysis -:- Capital as Money, Focused Rationality, & Hierarchical Position
      • Basic Income Study — Includes Access to Basic Income App* downloadable as an interactive FileMaker App which currently requires an iOS free download from the Apple store of FileMaker Go
      • Ergodid Economics — Includes access to downloadable Excel interactive spreadsheet* for aid in user analysis as indicated in the video presentation covering the material
  • Risk & Opportunity — Membership requires a subscription, and is intended for the same access as UniServEnt with a focus on Private Sector Initiatives and includes access to the same first three Projects> Down-Menu items as above plus related material, such as
    • Abakosti — That related material includes a FileMaker desktop and iPad cloud based estimating and reporting solution for the independent insurance adjustment business that can be configured as single or multi-user and uses a nationally recognized cost database. The solution was developed in 2014 and deployed briefly with success, but requires a partial rebuild for commercial application and sales. It would take a few months on the part of a couple of developers, including myself, before deploying. Interested parties should contact me.
    • Initiatives>Jelly Beans–A Musical Love Story — A day-in-the-life musical of Ronald and Nancy Reagan written during their first term in the White House. A generally non-political spoof of those in the public sphere at the time, with music in the style of and as a homage to the 1930-1960 era movie musicals. It is accessible to read the book and hear the rough demo lead sheets with registration included in the Essential Principles membership at no charge. Lead sheets will be posted as time allows or circumstances demand. Production is feasible, of course.
    • Initiatives>PdD to He> link to ‘ Low Energy Nuclear Reaction video’ — With registration included in the Essential Principles membership at no charge, this video, based on the theoretical development on this site in the ‘Condensed Matter Model of Fundamental Particle Genesis’, presents a clear rationale for the reported experimental occurrence of palladium catalyzed cold fusion of deuterium to helium without gamma radiation, one of several approaches currently being pursued in laboratories internationally. This technology has the potential at scale of furnishing the clean energy needs of an average household with auto-mobility of under $10.00 per year. Yes, you read that right, this technology will be incredibly disruptive of much of the status quo but constructive of the public and general private good in time.

The access tree generally related to and hosted with the subdomain, Ergodidiocy, but is:

  • Ergodidiocy & Truth — Membership requires a subscription, and includes access to the following stuff in the subdomain, — don’t ask me how or why the subliminal powers that set up this hosting chose this redundant statement as an instantiation of irony that this site has become — in which my frustration at gaining any traction with the UniServEnt outreach through compassionate logic and reason in this past idiotic year of Covid-19 has taken me into the depths of sardonic irony. While the straightforward road to philosophical Truth feels good, the circuitous path of parody is perhaps unavoidable and, once you learn to avoid the potholes, more fun. The detail of this journey which is ongoing, has been, is and will be found under this rubric in an unself-conscious attempt to plumb the depths of the current insanity and fish out all the qanonsense hidden in the abyss. This writing is of 1) recent, generally non-technical vintage in an attempt to find three things everyone can agree on, and 2) of almost half a century ago that resurfaced in my office dust and which has given me the opportunity, 3) for yet one more ergodidiocy, perhaps as a sequel included in this current effort.
    • Three Known Truths* — There are three known truths, self evident from birth to virtually every living human being
      1. that Pleasure is preferable to pain;
      2. that Freedom is counseled by Life’s experience on order to enhance such pleasure and mitigate such pain;
      3. that Affiliation through identification with a reliable source or agent of such pleasure is singularly worthy of pursuit.
        • This effort, Pluribus Unum, is one such pursuit. — Enjoy.
    • The Paros Commune of 1971* — This was written and left unpublished in 1973 before the majority of human beings on this planet were inhabiting their current bodies. I was heavily influenced by the inadequacies of Marxism to explain the human psyche and the human condition to my satisfaction, despite its perceived truths, and by the writing of Richard Brautigan, whom I very much enjoyed reading at the time. But then I had a premonition that he committed suicide in the wake of his commercial success, apparently well before the fact, so I decided not to pursue a creative writing career at that time. 
      • * indicates single access to flip book content that can be subscribed to separately
    • Ergodidiocy & Truth or Truth & Ergodidiocy, your choice as a work in progress to demonstrate that We Are Souls, gods in training, individually and collectively responsible for each other and the Earth itself. This leads to the notion of the sequel to the Paris Commune of 1871 and The Paros Commune of 1971 as
  • The Paros Commune of 2021 — Membership requires a subscription, and is intended for the same access as UniServEnt, but with a focus on Public Sector Initiatives and includes access to the same first three Projects> Down-Menu items plus all the related material of Ergodidiocy & Truth that has anything to do with the Dunning-Kruger effect or its obverse; to find the ergodidiocy in expertise and the expertise in ergodidiocy. From Christ to Bacon to Marx to Krishna Prem to Plato to Ergodidiocy and then back to all of the above. Membership in Ergodidiocy & Truth and access to the two referenced books* is included in The Paros Commune of 2021. Cheers!