Life, in this section will be defined and developed according to axiomatic logic in which a potential for recurrent dialog is assumed between communicating active source(s) and receptive sink(s) over the coordination of activity and the observation of events deemed by source and sink alike to consist of objective occurrence(s) within the common field of sink, source, and the field extension itself. Within such undifferentiated field or space, discrete events occur in time and place with varying degrees of organized duration, intensity, frequency, regularity, complexity, and autonomy which we describe as living systems. Understanding the inherent properties and origins of the field along with the emergent properties of the same, as found in source, sink and extension, from foundational elements to fully evolved forms verifies the necessary identity of life and essential being.

This development will be shown, starting culturally from birth to enlightenment, against the current thinking in physics and metaphysics, this latter including both psychological and religious experience.