Basic Income Study

US Real Capital Structural Change

The sector mix has changed since the implementation of supply side theory by economists and politicians in the US. With respect to the Fed data, that breakdown in the UniServEnt report is:

  • P1 – Federal Government accounts
  • C1 – State & Local Government accounts
  • P2 – Household, Non-profit, Non-corporate non-financial Business
  • C2 – Non-Financial Corporate & Financial Business with Rest of World Financial

This graph, particularly as Mix – %, shows the transfer of Private (P2) real assets (value, if not physical property) to the Public (P1), Common (C1), and Club (C2) sectors in the aftermath of the crash of 2008 as a result of title transfers between sectors, and the relative recession of development and investment in the Private (P2) sector during the period from 2005 to 2013.