Three Known Truths

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Access to this ebook provides the author’s overview of what is essential to Life—freedom to pursue a life of happiness in inclusive community with others through the shared realization that we are all Souls.

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There are Three Known Truths, self-evident from birth to virtually every living human being: 

1) that pleasure is preferable to pain; 

2) that freedom is counseled by life’s experience in order to enhance such pleasure and mitigate such pain; 

3) that affiliation through identification with a reliable source or agent of such enhanced experience is singularly worthy of pursuit.

The second and third truths – of freedom of mobility and affiliation – even if that affiliation is only as indicated here with the wide, wide world through the world wide web – are optimally found together and assure integration of this trinity by being pleasurable or painful in and of themselves. 

This effort, Pluribus Unum, is one such pursuit of pleasure.


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