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Is it mendacity or simply Ergodidiocy that is keeping us from embracing the Truth of the world we live in? Become a modern day Demosthenes. Join in, find out what you are made of, if you don’t already know, and yell it to the world.



Membership in Ergodidiocy and Truth is a little different. Unlike some of the other approaches to the the UniServEnt areas of interest above, with a level of expertise based on the perceived Truth of my own individual experience in the subject matter, Ergodidiocy is the expression of a level of frustration in reaching either the experts of these fields or those in the apparent grip of the Dunning-Kruger effect that mill about in the midst of the public discussion with their own expert take on things; that is where some would no doubt find me. My recent exposure to ergodic thinking, addressed in this site, was just enough of a fresh breeze of stochastic determinism to flip the iceberg, and what started out for me as a joke opened up a whole new way of thinking—or not. This is an ongoing endeavor, with some tentative outlines found in this and the related Ergodidiocy subdomain site. George Herbert Walker Bush had his compassionate conservatism, I am thinking more of a compassionate chastening of both sides of almost any strident argument.

Purchase of this membership grants access to the designated restricted areas of this site for one year and will renew automatically until canceled by the member. It is offered to encourage dialogue and initiative among members according to the Ergod-idiotic adjunct to the UniServEnt mission statement and is therefore a bit more varied than the rest of the lot. Come on in and join me. The water is warm and not as deep as it may appear. There are no deadly creatures lurking in the depths.


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